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Teaching University Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Teaching University Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder


With Dr Kim Draisma


Based on the findings of a five year longitudinal study into the experiences of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), this book provides tertiary educators and support staff with practical support for addressing the challenges associated with ASD as they manifest in college and university environments. It explores issues such as:

· Interpreting assignment tasks
· Unwritten expectations and codes of conduct
· Rigidity of thinking
· Project planning
· Self-monitoring
· Multi-tasking and central coherence

The authors suggest practical strategies for better accommodating students with ASD in the inclusive classroom. Chapters include case studies of individual students, which provide real world examples of possible issues and successful interventions, making this an essential resource for all those involved in supporting students with ASD in tertiary education settings.

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