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Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

Educator, Writer, Advocate

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Here's some stuff that is hard to find through ORCID or Google Scholar: past conference or invited speaker presentations. 


Check out my musings on regionality and education, autism spectrum disorder (with Kim Draisma) and pop culture (with Roslyn Weaver) at the sites below.

Desk with Book

Regional Adventures

Regional Adventures is a little corner of cyberspace that came about after I went on a rather lovely holiday, and had the time and inclination to write about my adventures and share them via social media–which reminded me that I actually like to write.

This is essentially a personal blog, but will have a regional/South Coast (NSW) focus, because that’s where I live and work. I may sometimes link to my two existing academic blogs, Shapeshifters in Popular Culture and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Higher Education, both of which have been hanging in a kind of frozen stasis not  unlike Agent Scully in those pod things (yes, there will be lots of geeky pop culture references), because I’ve been focused on my day job, and writing in order to publish, not perish.

And on that note, opinions are my own.

Notebook and Pen

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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